Indiana Historical Society Holiday Author Fair

Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center 450 West Ohio Street, Indianapolis, Indiana

I am honored to be at this great event signing my books. Free entry to the Indiana Historical Society all day!


Marion County Indiana Master Gardeners Spring Garden Clinic

Internet Methods of Gardening: Following advice on how gardening is done on the internet might make you a better gardener. Or maybe it will ruin your garden for life! We'll explore some of the good and bad gardening advice that gets propagated across the internet, laugh at the obvious folly of some of it, wonder […]

An Easy Approach to a Sensible Social Media Presence: How to Keep Social Media Platforms from Taking Over Your Life and Business


Dee Nash and Carol Michel both felt overwhelmed and exhausted, seemingly stuck on a never-ending merry-go-round, rotating through various social media platforms, constantly adding new content and struggling to keep up with the content of others. So, they each took a social media break, also known as a digital detox. For 45 days, they stopped checking […]


Silver Spring Garden Club


Gardening Tools Beyond the Hoe:  Live Your Best Gardening Life